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“Bon Accord's major focus is on providing premium quality products”

Paul L’Amie

bon accord

About Us

Bon Accord Products Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale of a comprehensive range of hot and iced beverages primarily for the café sector.

Our premises are in Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland, New Zealand, and from here we blend our Bon Accord and Zero Degrees ranges.

All manufacturing takes place in accordance with our registered MPI Food Safety Programme and HACCP Plan, ensuring our manufacturing processes, product compliance and product safety are of the highest order.

Our objective to assist our clients in attracting, delighting, and retaining regular customers through superb quality, innovative, delicious, operationally simple products which deliver exceptional margins.

We have a strong technical base enabling us to create new products at the leading edge of the latest international café trends.

All our products carry an unconditional 100% guarantee of quality, and any products not meeting quality standards will be immediately replaced or refunded.



Our commitment to good business


All our products carry our 100% guarantee of quality which means that if a problem with product quality arises, your purchase will be replaced or refunded immediately.


Zero Degrees has developed a unique ‘just add water and ice’ methodology and we are proud that the product allows for so many recipe variations. Indeed that was one of our aims.

Zero Degrees enables you to  get creative and think up your own special recipes with seasonal fruits and even cocktail recipes to satisfy your clients or friends requirements.


Sometimes we get calls asking about how to mix that perfect frappé and “do you think it will work if we do this”? We are always available and happy to work with you to get the best out of this unique product.

Satisfying your clients means bigger profits for you.