Our Standards & NZ Factory




Our Certifications

Our Export Dairy plant operates under RMP - New Zealand's most stringent food manufacturing accreditation. Under our RMP, it is a requirement that our manufacturing operations are audited by MPI on a regular basis. 

We have the highest quality processing standards based on Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) regulations.  

We operate under a Food Control Plan (FCP), Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), ISO-22000 Food Safety Management System, and hold HALAL accreditation (NZIDT) and Vegan certification (for our non-dairy range).  

Bon Accord is able to export to most countries in the world including those in Australia & the Pacific Islands, Asia, South East Asia, UAE, United States of America. 



Our NZ Factory

Bon Accord runs its own distribution centre at its processing site in Jomac Place, Auckland, NZ.

Our International Logistics Team are dedicated to export customers, order fulfilment and seamless product delivery. Your product is delivered to our international markets via sea freight, with the ability to air freight product as required.

We provide a safe, considerate, respectful, family orientated work environment for our team. Ideas and opinions can be freely voiced and are valued. Contributions are recognized and honoured, diversity is celebrated.

We are a creative and dedicated group of individuals, forged into a team and united by the desire to deliver exceptional experiences to everyone we encounter.


Our Products

Bon Accords product range forms a comprehensive beverage solution for the hospitality sector.

Our products are characterized by:

• Innovative and technically superb formulation.

• Skilled flavour development.

• Made from the world’s finest ingredients.

• Operational simplicity with unique ‘just add water & ice’ methodology and simple in store systems.

• Providing customers with a quality edge and high margins.

• All products are gluten free. Non-dairy, vegan certified options are available.